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Glamoč - Vitorog

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Riding back to Pribelja

Area name: Vitorog mountain
Country: BH
Date of the ride: 28-May-2008
Length (km): 79.7
Elevation gain (m): 1410
Technical difficulty: ●●


Vitorog peak, viewed from the trail.
Vitorog peak

Glamoč - Vitorog MTB route is situated in the south west part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Glamoč city is the starting point of the route. The complete trail is dry and rocky. The end point of the route is Vitorog peak at elevation of 1906 meters over the sea level. There are the ruined military house and the ruins of radio relay station on the peak. As the option I included the ride from Rajićka village to the valley named Čardak Livade.


Getting there: Europe, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Sarajevo, Bugojno, Livno, Glamoč or coming from Croatia you can choose direction Split, Sinj, Trilj, Kamensko, Livno, Glamoč.

Description of MTB route

The pasture area on the section from Glamočko Polje to Vitorog
Glamoč - Pribelja section
The starting point of the mountain bike route is the crossroad situated on the highway from Glamoč city to Mrkonjić Grad. The crossroad is near the airfield and 3 kilometres from Glamoč city. Coming from Glamoč turn right on the crossroad and ride on wide unpaved road to the east across the  field Glamočko Polje. In Dubrave  village follows the ascent to the plateau bellow Vitorog mountain. Proceed straight on all next crossroads until you reach Pribelja village on the west side of Vitorog mountain. The carriageway proceeds first to north west course than turns above Rajićka village to the east course. Just near the Rajićka village there is the hard visible junction. As the option you can turn left and proceed on the carriageway along the meadows to the valley named Čardak Livade. For Vitorog peak ride straight on the rocky carriageway. The ascent follows to the field named Kovačevića Polje. There is the crossroad at the end of the field. Turn right and proceed straight to the Vitorog peak.
The section from Rajićka village to Kovačevića Polje field
Pribelja - Vitorog section
There are ruins of the tower and military house near the peak. Proceed near the house and the steep & rocky carriageway follows to the peak.  From the peak I rode back to Glamoč city on the same trail except I turned right near the Rajićka village and rode to the Čardak Livade valley where is the spring of drinking water named Kačarevo Vrelo. For more details check Interactive Map and Photo Gallery of the route.


Notes & references

The route is recommended during spring, summer or fall.

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